Aspiration Systems

Scion Communications provides a range of extinguishers that make use of Air Sampling Detection (ASD). These modern systems are exceptional in their ability to detect fires at early stages. By recognising fires before open fires and smoke develops, these systems are able to protect assets and applications that are critical to the ongoing operation of your business.

ASD protection.

Also known as Aspirating Smoke Detection, ASD systems are uniquely able to detect the early signs of fire – often before any visible smouldering or smoke occurs.

These make them exceptionally useful for businesses and properties that simply cannot afford to have their assets and equipment damaged or destroyed by fire. Effective ASD systems, such as are provided and installed by Scion Communications, are the difference between an easily resolved incident and a business-threatening event that can incur significant costs to recover from.

A swift, modern solution.

The value of early fire detection is hard to overstate. ASD systems enable a business to rapidly respond to the first signs of smoke and fire and are significantly faster than other systems such as point or beam smoke detectors.

With an appropriately installed and maintained ASD system, your business can operate with the certainty that should an incident occur, it will be quickly identified and swiftly resolved – before it progresses.



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