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What is a Leased Line?

Leased Lines are dedicated. Unlike traditional telecommunications which use the same circuit through switching, leased lines are private. Any bandwidth associated with the leased line is solely for the use of the designated customer. Leased Lines provide a high-speed, reliable, and secure data connection between two locations. Offering a direct and exclusive line for transmitting data, voice, and video. Ultimately, a necessity for businesses that require constant and uninterrupted connectivity.


Recommended for Businesses Who Are Data Dependent

Traditional broadband connections are shared between multiple users, a Leased Line is a dedicated connection that is leased from a service provider. This means that the bandwidth and resources are solely allocated to the customer, ensuring consistent and symmetrical upload and download speeds. It remains unaffected by congestion or slowdowns associated with high usage shared traditional connections. Leased lines guarantee a stable connection which can easily support real-time applications, transmission of large files or the connection of remote offices ensuring a more positive working business structure.

Future Proof Your Data Connectivity

Leased Lines can easily be upgraded to accommodate increasing bandwidth requirements as businesses grow and their data needs expand. This scalability allows for future-proofing connectivity solutions and adapting to changing demands without the need for extensive infrastructure changes.

Due to it being dedicated, the chance of a data breach with a leased line is considerably less compared to a shared connections line. This makes it an ideal business solution ensuring sensitive information, financial transactions, customer data, and intellectual property are protected. When qualifying and recommending speeds we discuss the bandwidth requirements of the client, for example 100Mb:1Gb. This means 100Mb of bandwidth is received from day one but there is the option to flex up to 1Gb, also known as 1,000Mb if the data requirement changes as businesses grow.

Leased Lines offer businesses a dedicated, reliable, secure, and scalable connection for their data transmission needs. With its guaranteed performance, exceptional uptime, and enhanced support, a Leased Line is a preferred choice for businesses enabling uninterrupted connectivity, high data transfer speeds, and stringent security measures. It serves as a foundation for efficient communication, collaboration, and digital operations, allowing businesses to thrive in today's connected world.


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