SoGEA Broadband Simplified

SoGEA, or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, is a groundbreaking telecommunications solution revolutionising the way internet connectivity is delivered to both homes and businesses. Through the use of innovative technology, the need for a traditional phone line is eliminated. With SoGEA, customers can enjoy a high-speed internet connection without the requirement of a separate phone line rental, making the installation process easier and reducing costs.


The Benefits of SoGEA

Unlike traditional broadband connections delivered through a combination of a phone line and a separate broadband service, SoGEA allows customers to receive their broadband through a single order. The old-fashioned multistage setup often requiring multiple orders and complex installation processes is a thing of the past with SoGEA. The result, a more straightforward, efficient installation process and a more user-friendly experience for end-users.

SoGEA provides a robust and scalable solution, enabling them to meet the growing demands of digital operations, cloud services, and unified communications. SoGEA is all inclusive. By simplifying the installation process and reducing costs, it becomes more accessible to underserved areas and regions where traditional broadband infrastructure might be lacking.

What Can SoGEA Do for You?

The maximum speeds you can potentially receive on this service ignoring all distances and time of day is typically up to 80Mbps download and up to 20Mbps upload. If your business requires large amounts of data transfer, then FTTP is a better option. However, if your business only requires high- speed internet connectivity for basic tasks such as email, web browsing, and online collaboration, then SoGEA may be the more cost- effective option.

SoGEA represents a significant step forward in broadband provision, offering a streamlined, cost-effective, and flexible solution for internet connectivity. By eliminating the need for a separate phone line, SoGEA simplifies the installation process, reduces costs, and promotes competition among ISPs. SoGEA holds the promise of a more connected and inclusive future for individuals and businesses alike.


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