Door Access For Commercial Buildings

Bustling businesses know just how busy a building can become. Contractors, prospective customers and clients and more – they all need access.

This poses a threat, and it’s one that Scion easily solves. We help our customers look after themselves by building a door access system that is tailored to their needs and easy to independently customise and maintain.

A lean service

We don’t bloat our service with extras to get more money out of you. Scion is honest; we pride ourselves on it.

An investment in a door access system with us provides a system that has what it needs, where it needs to be.

Track and monitor

Keep an easy eye on the coming and goings of your business premises. By creating custom visitor profiles, you are able to monitor the activities of different groups and how they move around the building. Door access can have over 1000 personnel in one building at one time, meaning door access systems can know who’s in your building at one time which is good for security.

Protection you deserve

A door access system ultimately keeps you and your team safe. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every individual in your building is there for a legitimate reason.

At Scion, we have dedicated ourselves for years to providing the most competitive door access system on the market. To learn more, enquire today and get the conversation started.

Our systems can handle from 5 staff members to 1500

Contact us today to find about our intercom and door entry control systems.


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