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Cloud Servers For Businesses

Our dedicated servers are ready for your business. Complete with fully customisable configuration, easy deployment and connectivity wherever your growth takes you.

The cloud is one of the best investments a business can make in the digital age. Protect your enterprise from lost data and devices and supercharge your collaborative abilities by storing your data where it can be easily accessed from any location.

Meet the future

Scion’s virtual servers are a step-change in data storage and access. By offering unmatched cloud servers as a service, we provide an affordable solution to the data access needs of your business – no matter how mobile and varied they may be.

Fully managed infrastructure

Resilient and powerful. Two words that begin to describe our business-only network. With lightning-fast support and a secure platform that is designed with firewall and VPN connectivity in mind, you can rest assured as a decision maker that you will always be covered and operational.

One point of contact

Hassle no more. Instead of managing multiple suppliers to keep your business going, the Scion cloud offering provides a dedicated account manager and point of contact. If you need us, we’re there. That’s reliability.

Scale away

If growth is suddenly hooking your business, Scion will be there to help. Our cloud platform effortlessly scales up to meet your staff and access requirements. That’s a promise.  

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